New Tropicals and Goldfish: November 19, 2015

This Thursday we received several large shipments of tropical fish and fancy goldfish, which is perfect for stocking or refreshing your aquarium or pond ahead of the coming Thanksgiving holiday!

Full List of New Arrivals

Community Tropicals

GloFish Electric Green Tetra, GloFish Sunburst Orange Tetra, GloFish Starfire Red Tetra, GloFish Electric Green Danio, Large Neon Tetra, Assorted Platy, Large Male Veil Betta

Semi-Aggressive Tropicals

Blue Ram Cichlid, Gold Ram Cichlid, Electric Blue Ram Cichlid, Gold Severum, Blue Gourami, Gold Gourami, Platinum Gourami, Platinum Veil, Red Koi, Jet Black, Blue Pinoy Angelfish

Fancy Imported Goldfish

Red Oranda, Red Cap Oranda, Red & White Ryukin, Calico Ryukin, Red & White Bubble Eye, Red & White Pearl Scale, Red & Black Pearl Scale, Red & White Lion Head, Red & White Butterfly Tail, Red & Black Telescope Eye, Black Moor, Medium Red Cap Oranda, Red Oranda, Red & White Butterfly Tail

Aggressive Fish

Small Albino Oscar, Blue Maingano Cichlid, Rock Kribensis Cichlid

Bottom Feeders

Carbon Rili Shrimp, Red Crystal Shrimp, Black Crystal Shrimp, Assassin Snails, Small and Medium Plecostomus, Albino Bristlenose Pleco, Longfin Albino Bristlenose Plecostomus