Neighborhood Fish Farm has everything you need to start or take care of your aquarium or pond, from fish food and supplies, to all varieties of livestock.

Fish Food and Supplies

While we specialize in live goods, we do carry the essentials of what you need to take care of your fish friends!

We stock only the highest quality foods, whether you’re looking for pellets, flakes, frozen, or live food like Ghost Shrimp and Feeder Fish, we have you covered!

We also have (or can order for you) pond supplies such as Pumps and UV Filters to keep your pond looking great year-round.

If you’re looking to liven up your aquarium, or extensive Driftwood selection is just what you need.

Peaceful Community Fish for Aquariums

Bettas • Bottom Dwellers • Corydoras Catfish • Fancy Shrimp • Dwarf GouramisFancy Goldfish  Fancy Guppies • Loaches • Mollies • Platy • Fancy Plecostomus • Swordtails • Small Tetras

Semi-Aggressive Community Fish for Aquariums

AngelfishBarbs  Discus • Gouramis • Pufferfish • Rainbowfish • Rams • Sharks •  Swordtails • Large Tetras

Aggressive Fish for Aquariums

African Cichlids • South American Cichlids • Central American Cichlids • Eels • Peacock Cichlids  Oscars

Koi and More for Ponds

Imported Koi • Domestic Koi • Sarasa Comet Goldfish • Shubunkin Goldfish  Monster Fish like Arowana and Red Tail Catfish

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