New Arrivals: October 8th, 2015

This Thursday we received a batch of over 20 bags of tropical fish, including many fan favorites, and ones we have been out of for a little while.

We received a load of African Cichlids of many varieties, including Blue Cobalts, Blue Socolofi, Yellow Labidochromis, Red Zebra, Red Blotch Zebra, Blue Kennyi, and Venustus.

We also got new Ram Cichlids, in the Gold, Blue, and Electric Blue varieties. The Electric Blue Rams we got are some of the largest we have ever seen and are at the same price they always are, so if these are one you’re looking for, now is the time to get them!

Some other unique arrivals are the Electric Blue Acara, a fast growing, brilliant blue American Cichlid, and the really neat looking Synodontis Decorus catfish, an eye-catching bottom-feeding specimen that actually does well with Cichlids, since they’re also native to the African rift lakes.

Tropical fish arrivals include the ever-popular Neon Tetra, Marble Angelfish, and the always-in-demand Koi Angelfish, in both small and large sizes.

Check out our Facebook page over the coming days for photos and videos of the new fish, but your best bet to see them is to come out and enjoy them yourself under the sun here at the fish farm! We look forward to helping you out then!