New Arrivals: September 1st, 2017

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
We have a ton of new fish this week ready for you to check out and take home to your own aquarium or pond. Here’s the full list of arrivals:
Fancy Guppies
Black, Blue Neon, German Metallic Blue, Leopard Tuxedo, Gold Tequila Sunrise, Tequila Sunrise Tuxedo, Red Cobra, Silver Red Tuxedo, Red Mosaic, Turquoise, and Ribbon Male Guppies, and Blue Metallic and Assorted Female Guppies


Imported Koi
Gin Rin, Matsuba
Black Lyrteail Molly, Balloon Mollly, Lyretail Swordtail


Banded Archer Fish, Fire Eel, Small Clown Loach, Hillstream Loach, Red Tail Catfish, Albino Tiger Oscar, Red Tiger Oscar, Frontosa, Gold Dojo Loach, Cardinal Tetra, Gold Nugget Pleco, GloFish Danio, GloFish Tetra, Assassin Snail, Nerite Snail
Hope to see you soon!