Hurricane Irma Updated: September 15th, 2017

Hurricane Irma Update

First off, we need to say Thank You to all of our customers that have reached out to us since the hurricane passed through to make sure that we are okay. We sincerely hope that your own recovery from the storm has gone well, and that your fish were able to make it okay without electricity for a few days.

We were lucky to have had enough time for Orion and the crew get the shade cloth securely taken down so that it wouldn’t get destroyed in the wind. Some of our air lines were twisted around and lots of trees and debris got tossed around, but the fish all survived great. We had generators running to keep the waters cool, and got power back Thursday morning to help stabilize our systems.

With most of the cleanup progressing along, we are happy to announce that we will be re-opening this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at 10am. We will not yet be back at our full capacity, and the shade cloth is still being reconfigured, but now is a great opportunity to come and experience the Fish Farm in a way that hasn’t been possible in over 10 years… in full sunlight! It may be a little warmer than you’re used to, but it’s definitely a wild site to see. The farm has been under shade cloth one way or another for over 10 years, so come out and see it and feel like you’re stepping back in time for a bit.

Of course, we still have all of your favorite fish for your aquariums and ponds, and any foods that you need to restock on, and any other accessories you may need. So, please come on out and let us know how you did with the storm, and we will continue to help serve you in any way we can.

See you soon!