Manzanita Driftwood: May 16, 2015

One of our favorite aquarium decorations is natural driftwood. While there are many choices out there, including Malaysian, Colombian, and Mopani (which we carry them all), one of our particular favorites is the Manzanita Driftwood.

Here’s our latest selection that we just got in at the Farm:

manzanita-20-24manzanita-12-16 manzanita-16-20

As described by our supplier:

A much sought after wood in the aquarium trade, Manzanita is a naturally forking hardwood that adds beauty and character to any aquascape. Shapes vary from gnarled and twisted, to branching pieces with multiple limbs. Fantastic features that make it ideal for a multitude of design styles in any aquarium.
Manzanita’s hardness, unique qualities and shapes make it “the choice” for Aquarium Wood, fish only or planted! Our custum pieces provide a beautiful collection of varying lengths and diameters. Each piece is pressure washed to remove loose skin, debris, and excess tannins; while enhancing its natural beauty. Manzanita is extremely dense and will remain beautiful under water for many years. Safe for all aquarium fish and inverts – it replicates a natural habitat in which your livestock will thrive.
I try to get each piece to look like something that I myself would like to have in one of my own aquariums.

Manzanita wood that is intended be used in the aquarium should be treated like any other driftwood. Leaching is expected but not as much as most other types of wood. Pieces will sink in a few days to a few weeks depending on their size.

Visually Stunning!
Chemically Neutral!
Hardwood – will NOT rot!
Great for Planted, Pleco, and Shrimp tanks!
GREAT for all aquariums!!!!

Broad range of styles!
Adds character and beauty to your tank!
Long lasting!
Manzanita is legally harvested in the mountains of Southern California.