June 15, 2017: New Fish and Plants

Fish Farm Family,

A special Thank You to everyone that has come out and supported us over the past month. With your help, we have been able to stay open, start the cleanup and rebuilding process, and even get to place some orders for new fish to bring in to help you stock your aquariums and ponds.
We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful customer base, and we’re happy to be of service. We’ve seen several new reviews of us pop up around the web, and are humbled by your kind words, and are grateful to remain in such high regards after the devastation of last month.
We also know that you love us not just for our facility, but for our fish as well! And we’ve got some beautiful new fish in Stock this week, and can’t wait to show them off to you on your next visit. Check out the full list below, or stop by and see them soon!

Fancy Guppies

Turquoise, Neon Blue, Leopard, Tequila Sunrise Tuxedo, Yellow Metallic, Green Cobra, Silver Red, Mosaic, Metallic Blue, and Ribbon Male Guppies, and Blue Metallic and Assorted Female Guppies

Imported Koi

Gold Ogon, Matsuba


Black Lyrteail Molly, Silver Mollly, Lyretail Swordtail


Mono Sebae, Parrot Fish, Small Clown Loach, Hillstream Loach, Red Tail Catfish, Albino Tiger Oscar, Black Ghost, Rope Fish, Medium Yellow Labidochromis Cichlid, Large Clown Loach, Royal Plecostomus, Galaxy Plecostomus, Male Veil Bettas
As a reminder, we are now only open from 12pm until 6pm every day for now until we get everything back up and running more seamlessly at the Farm.