Fish Health Guide



Tropical Fish Health

Keeping tropical fish healthy is the number one goal of fishkeepers everywhere. There are many resources online dedicated to helping identify fish diseases, and one of the best we have found is Tetra’s Fish Disease Guide. Our process for identifying fish illness is very similar to that guide, and treatment plans indicated are recommended by us as well. Further details on our specific recommendations will be found below as they are added.

Cichlid Health

There’s a great resource at for identifying different illnesses, that your fish may get, their symptoms, and what treatments are recommended for making them get better.

Koi Health

If you have a pond stocked with Koi, you’ll want to be sure that you’re doing everything right for them. One of the best websites for all information related to keeping Koi happy and healthy can be found at  From building your first pond yourself, to advice on how to feed during the cooler winter months, to diagnosing any potential illness your Koi may be coming down with, their long articles are sure to provide an answer to your questions.