Donating Your Fish to the Farm

If you have a fish that has outgrown your aquarium or pond, we accept donations.  Please do not just show up with your fish though. We require the following process to be met before you bring your fish:

  1. E-mail us at [email protected] to let us know what type of fish, how many, and what size you would like to donate (we need to be sure we have the space for it available).
  2. Include in your email an image of the fish. The donation needs to be in good health and from an aquarium or pond in good condition. We don’t want to risk any illness or stress coming with your fish and negatively impacting the fish we carry here.
  3. Wait for our confirmation that we can accept your donation. Repeat, we may not accept your donation if you do not follow the previous steps.

For Pond Fish and Koi

  1. If your fish is too large for you to transport yourself, such as a large Koi, please e-mail us directly at [email protected] and include a photo of your fish that you want donated, the pond or tank in which it is located, and where in Miami . If we are able to help, we will contact you and make arrangements to send a driver to help catch out the fish and safely transport it to the Farm.
  2. Because of the time and effort involved in catching and transporting fish out of ponds, we do not offer store credit for fish donated in this method.