New Arrivals: December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all of our lovely customers. We’re very grateful to have you trust us with supplying you the best fish available for your tropical fish, goldfish, and koi aquariums and ponds. This week, we’ve topped off our inventory with lots of exotic new imports from the Far East and South … Read more

November 11, 2016: New Arrivals

New Arrivals in Community, Aggressive, Bottom Feeders, and Aquarium and Pond Plants What beautiful weather we’re having lately! Now is a great time to stock up your aquarium or pond ahead of the holidays so that you can impress your friends and family with all your beautiful wet pets! Here’s our latest additions at the … Read more

New Arrivals: October 11, 2016

Our latest arrivals this week: Guppies German Metallic Blue, Gold Tuxedo, Green Neon, Leopard Tuxedo, Red Cobra, Red Mosaic, Silver Red Tuxedo, Turquoise, Tequila Tuxedo, and Metallic Blue Females! Livebearers and Bettas Halfmoon Male Betta, Male Blue Betta, Black Lyretail Molly, Gold Sailfin Molly, Gold Crescent High Fin Lyretail Molly Tropical Community Fish Cardinal Tetra, … Read more

Hurricane Preparations for Aquariums and Ponds

As the massive Hurricane Matthew approaches South Florida, I just wanted to reach out to everyone and wish you the best in preparation for the next few days. I know we have customers from the Keys to West Palm Beach (and even Orlando) and everywhere in between, and it looks like this huge storm is … Read more

All the New Tropical Fish This Week!

New Tropical Fish Arrivals: September 23, 2016 Tropicals for the Aquarium! XL Bleeding Heart Tetra, Peppermint HY511 Tetra, Longfin Serpae, Jumbo Black Neon Tetra, Purple Passion Danio, Medium Angelfish, Medium Koi Angelfish, Colombian Tetra, Jumbo Neon Tetra        All the Bottom Feeders! 2” Albino Bristlenose, 2.5” Albino Iridescent Shark, 5” Regular Plecosto mus, Albino Corydoras, … Read more

New This Week: Guppies, Tropical Fish, Koi, and Oddballs

New Arrivals: September 13, 2016 Our latest arrivals this week include: Guppies Galore! Turquoise, Yellow Sunrise, Gold Tuxedo, Ribbon, Green Cobra, Green Neon, Leopard Tuxedo, Red Rainbow, Silver Red Tuxedo, Tequila Sunrise Tuxedo, and Mixed Females! Aquarium Tropicals and Goldfish Black Moor, Neon Gold Tetra, Yo Yo Loach, Fire Eel, Roseline Shark, Ember Tetra, Green … Read more

New Arrivals: September 10, 2016

Our latest arrivals this week include: Tropical Aquarium Fish Odessa Barbs, Red Glass Barbs, Assorted Swordtails, Gold Nugget Plecostomus, Blue Pino Veil Angelfish, Albino Gibboceps Plecostomus, Gourami, Common Plecostomus, Filamentous Barb, Red Wag Platy, Red Velvet Platy, Congo Tetra Koi and Goldfish 6″ Koi, 4″ Red Fantail, 4″ Calico Fantail Aquatic Plants Ambulia, Anacharis, Baby … Read more

New Fish and Plants: July 15, 2016

Tropical Aquarium Fish 2″ Bala Shark, 1.5″ Abino Busynose Pleco, 3″ Regular Plecostomus, Albino African Underwater Frog, 2″ Iridescent Shark, Threadfin Acara, Green Tiger Barb, Longfin Albino Bushynose Pleco, Male Veiltail Betta, Halfmoon Betta, Platinum White Male Betta, Pygmy Corydoras Catfish, Electric Blue Ram Dwarf Cichlid, Assorted Colors of GloFish Danio and Tetra, Assassin Snails, … Read more

New Fish: June 24, 2016

Tropical Fish Imports Scarlet Badis, Roseline Shark, Emperor Tetra, Clown Loach, Black Ghost, Green Cobra Male Guppy, Red Cobra Male Guppy, German Metallic Female Guppy, Cobalt Flame Gourami, Super Delta Male Betta, Red Oscar   Fancy Goldfish and Koi Black Moor, Red Cap Oranda, Kohaku (Red and White) Koi, Platinum Ogon Koi, Yamabuki (Gold) Ogon … Read more

New Arrivals: June 17, 2016

New Arrivals: June 17, 2016 Our latest arrivals this week include: Aquarium Bunch Plants Ambulia, Wild Anacharis, Bacopa, Green Cabomba, Purple Cabomba, Golden Lloydiella, Cuban Ludwigia, Ludwigia Ovalis, Ludwigia Peruensis, Golden Nesaea, Pogostemon Erectus, Purple Waffle, Rotala Indica, Wisteria Potted and Grass Plants Small Amazon Sword, Medium Melon Sword, Crypt. Petchii, Contortion Val, Leopard Italian … Read more