Pond Fish

We have one of the largest selections of freshwater fish for ponds in South Florida. No matter if you have a small pond, medium pond, or large pond, we have a variety of koi fish and goldfish that would be perfect to fill it. We also have large African Cichlids, American Cichlids, and Catfish that would also work for large ponds as long as you have a heater in place for the cold season.

Here’s a sample of the different pond fish we typically have in stock. Be sure to call ahead if you are looking for something specific to make sure that we have it in stock.

Domestic Koi

2-3″ Standard, 5-6″ Standard, 7-8″ Select Standard Fin, 10-12″ Standard Fin, 10-12″ Select Quality Standard Fin

Imported Koi

Platinum Ogon, Gold Ogon, Matsuba, Black, Showa Sanke (Red, White, and Black)

Butterfly Koi

2-3″ Butterfly, 5-6″ Butterfly

Pond Goldfish

Red Comet, Sarasa Comet, Shubunkin

Large Cichlids

Electric Blue Ahli, Blue Cobalt, Taiwan Reef, Red Empress, Blue Orchid