New Arrivals March 1st-15th, 2019

New tropical fish and koi arrivals at Neighborhood Fish Farm in Miami, Florida.
Highlights include Galaxy Pleco, Royal Plecostomus, Large Driftwood, Fancy Crayfish, Oscars, Aquatic Plants, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Electric Blue Acar, Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Small Peacock Cichlids, Black Angelfish, Hillstream Loach, Dwarf Blue Ram Cichlids, Asian Pleco, Black Aeneus Corydoras Catfish, Serpent Loach, XL Fire Eel, Black Ghost Knife Fish, Bamboo Shrimp, Blue and Red Discus, Fancy Guppies

New tropical fish and koi arrivals at Neighborhood Fish Farm in Miami, Florida. Highlights include Galaxy Pleco, Royal Plecostomus, Large Driftwood, Fancy Crayfish, Oscars, Aquatic Plants, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Electric Blue Acara, Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, Small Peacock Cichlids, Black Angelfish, Hillstream Loach, Dwarf Blue Ram Cichlids, Asian Pleco, Black Aeneus Corydoras Catfish, Serpent Loach, XL Fire Eel, Black Ghost Knife Fish, Bamboo Shrimp, Blue and Red Discus, Fancy Guppies

October 2018 Pop-Up Contest

We love seeing your tanks, and we love to show them off!

Here’s the entries we received via our Pop-Up Facebook Photo Contest this month!

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New Koi, Goldfish, Aquarium and Pond Plants

New Arrivals This Week!

Happy New Year! We hope 2018 has been a good one for you so far! We’ve now got reloaded with Koi and Aquarium and Pond Plants, so you can get started on your plans for making your tank and pond beautiful for Spring!

Check out the full list below to see what all came in, and come by the Farm to check them all out for yourself soon!

Koi, Goldfish, and Feeders

3″ Koi, 3″ Butterfly Koi, 5″ Koi, 6″ Koi, 8″ Koi, 3″ Sarasa Comet, 3″ Shubunkin, 2.5″ Red Fantail Goldfish, Small Rosey Red Feeders, Large Rosey Red Feeders

Aquarium and Pond Plants

Aquarium Bunch Plants
Ambulia, Anacharis, Bacopa, Green Cabomba, Narrow Leaf Ludwigia, Needle Leaf Ludwigia, Purple Waffle, Rotala Indica, Rotala Magenta, Temple Plant, Wisteria

Other Aquarium Plants

Cardinal Plant, Medium and Large Moss Balls, Java Fern 1/2 Mat, Micranthemum Monte Carlo Mat, Micro Sword Mat

Potted Aquarium Plants

Large Amazon Sword, Large Oriental Sword, Large Ozelot Sword, Anubias Barteri Round Leaf, Anubias Hastifolia, Anubias Nana Petite, Anubias Nangi

Water Lilies

Avalanche, Key Largo, Evelyn Randig, Shirley Bryne, Foxfire, Panama Pacific, Ruby, Red Flare

Dry Goods

Fish Food

TetraPond Koi Sticks, Cobalt Fish Flake Foods, Hikari First Bites, Spectrum Ultra Red Pellets, Hikari Frozen Bloodworm, Spirulina Brine Shrimp, Baby Brine Shrimp Cubes, and Brine Shrimp Cubes


Mopani and Malaysian Driftwood,

Medications and Supplements

Acurel Water Clarifier, Medication Powder Packets (Fungus Cure, Super Ick Cure, Erythromycin, and General Cure), Stress Coat, and Amquel

Fancy Goldfish Have Landed!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter out here!

We’ve just received our first batch of beautiful fancy Goldfish from the far east, including Oranda, Ryukin, Pom Poms, Butterfly Tails, and even Ranchu!

Check out the full list below to see what all came in, and come by the Farm to check them all out for yourself soon!

8-9cm (3.25-inch)

Calico Oranda, Red + White Ryukin, Red + White Butterfly Tail

10-11cm (4.25-inch)

Red Cap Oranda, Red Oranda, Calico Oranda, Calico Ranchu

12-13cm (5-inch)

Red Oranda, Red + White Ryukin

Fancy Imported Shrimp

Cherry, Sakura Lazurite, Blue Velvet, Red Crystal, Black Crystal

Thanks for reading!

Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you at the Farm soon!

Halloween and Photo Contest Standings

Happy Halloween!

Thank you to everyone that’s submitted a photo this month. It was certainly a TREAT for us to see all of your amazing tanks and ponds full of so many beautiful fish!
And here’s one more treat for you!
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Name Shareable Link Likes
Peter de la Rosa 19
Matt Sikora 58
Kristie Arrazcaeta 7
Lucky Luck 10
Dana 5
Cristina 3
Israel Osoria 71
Livan Martell 232
Casey Sierra 8
Jay Garcia 15
Carlos Delcid 42
Paolo Lopez 9
Ronny Perez 10
Andrew Bocalbos 5
Sergio Cruz 23
Amanda Alfonso 71
Michael Borbolla 2
Chris Rhodes 2
Mike Lowman 4
Dustin Hawkins 2
Tiphaine Carter-Gonzalez 2
Andre Mesa 4
Danny Chavez 2
Jose Cruz 52
Paolo Lopez 3
Juan Cardentey 3
Yannick 4
John White 8
Christian Garces 2
Yeniel Yoder 3
Diana 3
John 7
Yeniel Yoder 3
Noor 12
Emanuel Sherman 11
Nelson Viera 3
Jessenya Rodriguez 4
Stephanie Garcia 7
Manny Valle 9
Kevin Baldrich 2
Michael Simonik 3
Jean Marion 46
Imara 8
Kelly 2
Janelle 2
Andrew Honiotes 2
Rei Arguelles 3
Alejandro 2
Alex Falcon 1
Andrew Honiotes 5
Robert 3

Entire Farm Restocked – October 27, 2017

Entire Farm Restocked!

We got so many new fish this week, it’s incredible!

So many great Florida and International arrivals, including Fancy Guppies, Mollies, Barbs, Tetras, Gouramis and Many More!

We’ve also restocked our African and American Cichlids, Aquarium and Pond Plants, and Goldfish and Koi selections too!

Check out the full list below to see what all came in, and come by the Farm to check them all out for yourself soon!

Fancy Guppies
Blue Neon, German Metallic, Leopard Tuxedo, Red Cobra, Red Mosaic, Ribbon, Tequila Sunrise Tuxedo, Turquoise, German Metallic Female, Mixed Female

Livebearer Community

Black Molly, Red Sunset Molly, Silver Molly, Blue Mickey Mouse Platy, Neon Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy, Marigold Wag Platy, Blue Coral Platy, Brick Swordtail, Pineapple Swordtail, Velvet Wag Swordtail, Koi Swordtail, Giant Danio, White Cloud, Gold White Cloud, Mixed Lyretail Sword

Angels, Barbs and Tetras

Fancy Mixed Medium Angelfish, Male Neon Rosy Barb, Male Rosy Barb, Albino Tiger Barb, Green Tiger Barb Large, Harlequin Rasbora, Large Red + Blue Colombian Tetra, Scissortail Tetra, Serpae Tetra, Rummy Nose Tetra, Gold Tetra, Jumbo Neon Tetra

Rams and Gourami

Blue Ram, Gold Ram, Electric Blue Ram, Moonlight Gourami, Albino Paradise Gourami, Blue Paradise, Red Paradise, Male Dwarf, Male Flame, Male Powder Blue, Reticulated Hillstream

African Cichlids

Blue Acei, 1.75″ Assortment, Kenyi, Blue Cobalt, Small and Medium Yellow Labidochromis, Small and Medium Blue Maingano, Rock Kribensis, Rusty Cichlid, Socolofi, Venustus Hara Afra Cichlid, Large Strawberry Super Red Peacock

American Cichlids

3″ Albino Oscar, 3″ Mix Oscar, 2″ Electric Blue Acara, 2″ Heckelli

Bottom Dwellers

10-12″ Albino Plecostomus, Albino Corydora, Paleatus Corydora, Golden Flying Fox Algae Eater, Sterbai Corydora, 3″ Plecostomus, 2″ Albino Bushy Nose, 3″ Long Fin Albino Bushy Nose


3″ Sarasa Comet, 4″ Sarasa Comet, 5″ Sarasa Comet, 3″ Shubunkin, 5″ Shubunkin, 3″ Red Fantail, 3″ Calico Fantail


3″ Standard Koi, 6″ Standard Koi, 3″ Butterfly Koi, 4″ Butterfly Koi, 6″ Butterfly Koi, 10″+ Koi, 8″ Koi, 6″ Koi,


1.5″ Common Goldfish, Rosie Red Feeders

Aquarium Plant Bunches

Ambulia, Anacharis, Baby Tears, Bacopa, Green Cabomba, Ludwigia Peruensis, Golden Nesaea, Purple Waffle, Rotala Indica, Rotala Wallichii, Temple Plants, Wisteria, Java Fern 1/2 Mat, Java Moss Portion

Potted Aquarium Plants

Large Amazon Sword, Large Radican Sword, Large Red Melon Sword, Anubias Barteri Round Leaf, Anubias Hastifolia, Crypt. Parva

Water Lilies for Ponds

Tropical Waterlily Coral Sky
Coral Sky – N. ‘Coral Sky’ is unique because of its unique flower color. At first glance it looks pink but on closer inspection the color is more autumn than pink. The large flower stands tall and is very full with 40 plus petals. The plant is vigorous and compact and has lively mottled leaves.

N. Bagdad flower 2nd day
Bagdad – Light blue blooms.  Flower shape is full star.  Green leaves, heavy mottling.  Sweet fragrance.  Viviparous.

Nymphaea Hot Pink
Hot Pink – Nymphaea ‘Hot Pink’ was the Second Best Tropical Waterlily of 2009 as awarded by the International Waterlily and Water Garden Association in their annual new waterlily competition. Bright neon pink colored flowers with 50 petals are the highlight of this tropical waterlily. The flower petals have a slight upward curve that creates an attractive cup shape.  Nymphaea ‘Hot Pink’ also has lively mottled pads that will attract the eye from quite a distance.  This tropical waterlily is a nice medium size compact plant that will fit any water garden or pond.

Foxfire Tropical Waterlily
Foxfire – 2014 IWGS First Place Tropical Waterlily, 2014 IWGS Best New Tropical Waterlily – Nymphaea ‘Foxfire’ is a truly a unique tropical waterlily. Its pink ring of narrow petals in the center with a medium blue backdrop of wider petals is such a beautiful contrast! Add the wonderful variegated leaves and you have a treasured gem. Presnell developed this fascinating flower in 2003, so its fairly new but quite popular. The long outer petals are medium blue and the short inner petals are a soft pink. The flower measures 8-9 inches and sits brilliantly among 19x17inch maroon with green mottled leaves. The plant spreads to a whopping 10 feet, which makes it perfect for any medium to large pond. This waterlily is one of the earliest to open.

N. Innocence flower 2nd day
Innocence – Nymphaea ‘Innocence’ is a stunning tropical waterlily.  It was given the name because of the pure white color of it’s flower.  Nymphaea ‘Innocence’ was hybridized in 2001 by Florida Aquatic Nurseries and released to the trade in 2004. The cross was made between an unnamed tropical waterlily hybrid and Nymphaea ‘Trail Blazer’.  Interestingly enough the waterlily came from the same seed pod as Nymphaea ‘Carla’s Sonshine’. This waterlily is unique for several reasons. Firstly, it is a strongly viviparous white lily with heavily mottled leaves. Most important is the uniquely large, pure white flower that stands high above the water on an extremely robust stalk. The pads are beautifully mottled with heavy maroon blotches on a green background.

N. Stan Skinger flower 1st day
Stan Skinger – Nymphaea ‘Stan Skinger’ was named after Stan Skinger of Denver, Colorado. Stan was a friend and volunteer at Denver Botanic Gardens. Nymphaea ‘Stan Skinger’ was a cross between the tropical waterlily Nymphaea ‘Golden West’ and the tropical waterlily Nymphaea ‘Trail Blazer’ and was released to the trade in 2006. Nymphaea ‘Stan Skinger’ is unique because of it’s flower color and it’s pads. The flower is yellow when the plant is young but at maturity the color turns to an orange, similar to golden west. The pads are heavily mottled with maroon streaks on a green background.

New Arrivals: September 29th, 2017

New Arrivals: September 29th, 2017

Happy Friday!

We’ve restocked nearly every part of the farm this week, so no matter what your aquarium or pond fish of choice is, we’ve got something new for you to add to your fishy family!

Here’s the full list of what’s come in this week:


Red Sunset Molly, Red Wag Platy, Platy Assortment, Velvet Swordtail, Velvet Wag Swordtail, 1.5″ and 2.5″ Red Tail Shark, Male Rosy Barb, Neon Rosy Barb, 3.5″ Plecostomus, Rummy Nose Tetra, Large Tiger Barb, XL Cardinal Tetra, Large Green Tiger Barb, Regular and Jumbo Neon Tetra, 2″ and 4″ Rainbow Shark



Medium Koi Angel, 4-5″ Koi Angel, Small and Medium Veil Assortment, Small, Medium and Large Regular Assortment (Marble, Gold, Silver varieties), Blue Ram Cichlid, Gold Ram Cichlid


Large Peacock Cichlids:

4″ Male Eureka Red Peacock, Fire Dragon Peacock, Blood Dragon, Lemon Jake, Strawberry Super-Red Peacock

Goldfish and Koi:

3″ and 4″ Sarasa Comet, 2″ and 6″ Red Fantail, 3″ and 6″ Standard Fin Koi


Ghost Shrimp, Small Rosy Reds, Large Rosy Reds

In Other News:

Progress doesn’t stop out here on the farm! If you haven’t been by in awhile, you’re definitely going to want to stop by just to check out all the massive projects we are undertaking lately!

Our new checkout area is up and running on the east side of the farm again, and you’ll be sure to notice our entire middle deckway has been replaced by concrete pavers (provided from excess of the Miami Heat’s stadium upgrade). We hope you love it as much as we do!

Our shade cloth will be remaining down for the near future, so you’ll get to enjoy the cool autumn breeze as it starts to come our way, and have a nice stroll under the Miami sun while you take in all the new fish we’ve brought in for you!

Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing and serving you soon!

Hurricane Irma Updated: September 15th, 2017

Hurricane Irma Update

First off, we need to say Thank You to all of our customers that have reached out to us since the hurricane passed through to make sure that we are okay. We sincerely hope that your own recovery from the storm has gone well, and that your fish were able to make it okay without electricity for a few days.

We were lucky to have had enough time for Orion and the crew get the shade cloth securely taken down so that it wouldn’t get destroyed in the wind. Some of our air lines were twisted around and lots of trees and debris got tossed around, but the fish all survived great. We had generators running to keep the waters cool, and got power back Thursday morning to help stabilize our systems.

With most of the cleanup progressing along, we are happy to announce that we will be re-opening this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at 10am. We will not yet be back at our full capacity, and the shade cloth is still being reconfigured, but now is a great opportunity to come and experience the Fish Farm in a way that hasn’t been possible in over 10 years… in full sunlight! It may be a little warmer than you’re used to, but it’s definitely a wild site to see. The farm has been under shade cloth one way or another for over 10 years, so come out and see it and feel like you’re stepping back in time for a bit.

Of course, we still have all of your favorite fish for your aquariums and ponds, and any foods that you need to restock on, and any other accessories you may need. So, please come on out and let us know how you did with the storm, and we will continue to help serve you in any way we can.

See you soon!

New Arrivals: September 1st, 2017

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
We have a ton of new fish this week ready for you to check out and take home to your own aquarium or pond. Here’s the full list of arrivals:
Fancy Guppies
Black, Blue Neon, German Metallic Blue, Leopard Tuxedo, Gold Tequila Sunrise, Tequila Sunrise Tuxedo, Red Cobra, Silver Red Tuxedo, Red Mosaic, Turquoise, and Ribbon Male Guppies, and Blue Metallic and Assorted Female Guppies


Imported Koi
Gin Rin, Matsuba
Black Lyrteail Molly, Balloon Mollly, Lyretail Swordtail


Banded Archer Fish, Fire Eel, Small Clown Loach, Hillstream Loach, Red Tail Catfish, Albino Tiger Oscar, Red Tiger Oscar, Frontosa, Gold Dojo Loach, Cardinal Tetra, Gold Nugget Pleco, GloFish Danio, GloFish Tetra, Assassin Snail, Nerite Snail
Hope to see you soon!

New Arrivals: August 11, 2017

Latest Arrivals – Friday, August 11, 2017


Blue Tetra, Lemon Tetra, Medium and Jumbo Neon Tetra, Rasbora Het, Serpae Tetra, Longfin Serpae Tetra

Other Community Fish


Blue Paradise Gourami, Moonlight Gourami, Pearl Gourami, Albino Tiger Barb, Gold Barb, Gold/Marble Select Angelfish, 1.5″ Rhino Pleco, Small and Medium Koi Angelfish, 3″ Albino Iridescent Shark

Exotics and Aggressive

2″ Albino Oscar, Large Lemon Jake Cichlid, 2″ Flowerhorn